I was the first YouTube personality to document the "third eye activation" phenomena, which have been watched millions of times, and experienced by hundreds of viewers. I occasionally take groups of people to the incredible teachers I've interviewed, but it has been difficult to do since the pandemic.


While it's ideal and most effective to train with certified trainers in a proper group setting, many viewers have messaged me asking to help give them the basics that I've witnessed so they can practice and prepare for an in-person class. For this reason I have made myself available for private sessions in order to share the basic principals and exercises I've learned, with those who are interested. While this is not a replacement for a full course, there are certain techniques I've shared with viewers who, when diligent and committed to their practice, has shown significant results.

To book a session, click the 30-minute clearing option below and specify by note or email that you would like to focus on third eye