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Master Healer

I don’t know when it started or where it came from, but I have an obsession with health. I regularly freeze my butt off in cryotherapy and then bake a bit in infrared beds. I had stem cells taken out of my hip and injected into my shoulder. I spent some time in hyperbaric chambers and sensory depravation tanks, and love to get IV treatments (glutathione and B complex are my favorites). Not to mention: hydrogen tablets, acupuncture, cupping, stem cell therapy, colonics, ozone therapy through blood transfusion, EMDR therapy, muscle testing, and a food sensitivity test.

So yeah, I’m a bit of a healthy nut!

So when I came across a TED Talk about a “Master Healer” given by Dr. Clint Rogers, I knew I had to meet him for myself.

Lucky for me, Dr. Pankaj Naram travels from India to dozens of cities across the world twice a year to see patients. He claims he can diagnose a person just by checking their pulse.

“What would you say to people who say this is impossible, or it must be fake?” I asked.

“So fine, don’t come,” he responded. “When you’re tired and exhausted and your mind is ready for a deeper healing, only then you come.”

Naram explained to me that patients usually come to him when they’re desperate and have tried everything else, making his results even more impressive.

He checked my pulse and said I had too much mucous and heat in the body, and also a slipped disc on the L4 and L5 vertebrates in my back … which an MRI with my doctor confirmed. You can check that out — along with his treatment for me — in the video.

I didn’t have any serious condition going in, thank God, but because I’m a health nut, I ended up buying about a thousand dollars worth of herbs and I do not regret it!

Dr. Clint Rogers has been traveling with Dr. Naram for nearly a decade and documents many of his cases. I asked him if I could share some here, and he gave me permission. The following accounts and claims come from Dr. Clint Rogers:

This woman had been trying to find a solution for vitiligo for more than ten years. The second picture was after two and a half months on Dr. Naram’s all-natural treatment.

This next woman is a TV anchor for CNN in India.

Dr. Clint tells me she had a kidney stone so painful that nothing helped. The urologist told her the only solution was surgery. After only two weeks, she went back and all the scans showed there were no stones anymore. The doctors thought the machine made a mistake and asked her to be tested again. After three scans with no sign of any stones, they were all baffled... and she shared her story on video with Dr. Clint.

The last story from Dr. Clint that I will share is about a woman names Mansi who went to see Dr. Naram with her husband Harish. Five years ago she had breast cancer, and after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, it appeared as though the cancer was gone. Then in 2018 she discovered it has spread to her liver, and the cancer markers in her body were very high.

Mansi and her husband said that they went into a depression, when their aunt recommended they see Dr. Naram.

According to Dr. Clint, Dr. Naram felt her pulse and instantly told her the problem with such accuracy without them telling him anything, that it gave them hope ancient healing could help.

So they started the recommendations of Dr. Naram, including diet changes and herbal supplements, and a special home remedy.

They took out a blood report in October of 2018 that said the cancer market level was at 424.5 (pictures below).

Then after following every recommendation from Dr. Naram, they took a new blood report four months after the last test and the new blood report showed the cancer markers had already dropped to 91.2!

They were incredibly encouraged and are still in the process of healing deeper and deeper.

Mansi and Harish said they wanted to share their story so Dr. Clint interviewed them for Dr. Naram’s TV Show.

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