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Most People Wouldn't Wear This | Style Transformation

Valerie Von Sobel appeared in numerous films as Valerie Varda, and is one of the last remaining stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Over the decades, many of her starlet peers fell away softly like baby teeth, but Valerie has transformed into a fashion icon and muse, continuing to captivate people wherever she goes.

But it hasn’t all been fame and beauty. The once Silver-screen bombshell lost her son to brain cancer when he was 18, and then her husband to suicide on the one year anniversary of their son’s death, leaving her with her only daughter. The two deaths left her in total solitude for many years, but when she emerged she did so with a new extreme persona as a daring fashionista.

“Life is one big costume party,” Valerie has said. “Some people will think she’s kind, other people will think she’s mad, other say she’s out for effect, some would say she is the most deeply sincere person, and other would say ‘oh she’s so artificial!’ Which is why a person should really be centered and give very little shit.”

She is one of my best friends, and I can’t wait to share her with the world.

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