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Real-life Thor Took A DNA Test (23andMe)

With more than 4 million Instagram followers, he rose to fame primarily through social media, but very quickly Brock O'Hurn became a star in his own right, appearing in a lead role on Tyler Perry's TLC show, "Too Close to home.” But you have never seen the actor like this before— watch “the real-life Thor” take a 23andMe DNA test to discover what he’s made of!

No surprise here, O’Hurn is 99.8% European! Click the video above to watch the full test and results, but the cool thing about 23andMe is that aside from statistics about your ethnic makeup, it also shares some interesting tidbits about your body. For example, O’hurn learned that he is not lactose-intolerant (which is good because he eats lots of pizza to keep on weight!) He’s is also less likely to be a deep sleeper and very likely to move more during sleep. He doesn’t get red after drinking alcohol, probably doesn't have dimples, and ….

…Brock liked this part, and America loved it: Brock’s report claimed he was not likely to experience any hair loss before the age of 40, and even then, he will never have a distinct bald spot.

“Fortunately, I am mighty!” (The Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015)

Stick with me here, because after Brock took his test, things got REALLY FUNNY.

I invited comedians Ross Mathews ("Chelsea Lately" - "E! News" - "Hollywood Today Live') and Heather McDonald ("Chelsea Lately" - Juicy Scoop Podcast, Host of TLC's All About Sex, Stand up Showtime Special, NYT Best Selling author of "You'll Never Blue Ball" & "My Inappropriate Life”) to take the 23andMe test too.

They were just relieved to find out they weren't allergic to wine!

You’ll get a laugh out of this: Heather’s results showed she was less than 4% neanderthal (As neanderthal’s were becoming extinct, there was some mixing with the modern-day homosapean and some people stilll have neanderthal genes!), but Ross, who proclaimed he was made of gummy bears and pixie dust, had a bit more neanderthal in him than Heather! He joked, “you should see how I can whip a cave together! Some throw pillows and an Afghan (rug) … I can do wonders with a cave!”

Of course I took the test too! I knew I was Lebanese and maybe Italian but didn’t know I was practically 20% Italian, and had no idea I had a little Serbian in me! There’s something special about seeing your heritage broken down that accurately, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s so easy to do these days and the information is invaluable! I have given it as a gift to family members and it’s always such a cool thing to share with someone you care about.

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